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After a month replete with non genealogy issues and news it is time once again for a newsletter to bring our focus back to our favourite occupation.

This month we have released two new digital books on CD.  The first is an 1889 directory of Hastings County, Ontario.  This is an important area for genealogists being one of the first settlement of many UELs and latter providing settlement land for many of the persecuted groups giving up on Europe.

The second is the last of the batch of BC historical books we have borrowed from the Slocan, Community Library titled, “The Thompson Country.” 


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*  Directory of the County of Hastings - 1889

Product No. CA0367:  $18.00.

“A Full and Complete List of Householders of the City of Belleville, of each Town, Township and Village in the County, and of the Township of Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, a Classified List of Trades and Professions of Belleville, together with other Information, Local and Provincial, and Advertisements of the Principal Business Houses, embellished with Lithographic Maps of the County, Belleville, and the Principal Villages.”  EXCEPT that there were no signs that any maps had ever “embellished” the book.  Previous editions (years) HAD included a map(s) but NO library listing we could find indicated the presence of ANY MAPS in this edition!  We are forced to conclude that when it came to printing and binding the maps were not available and so were never included - other than in the forgotten mention on the title page!

This directory provides most of the classes of information one could hope to find, including directories of householders arranged both; alphabetically by name, and geographically by place.  The actual address of those located in rural areas is given by their lot number while those in larger towns is, more conventionally, given by street name and number.  

The following is a listing of the places identified:  

Ameliasburg (Township);  Bangor;  Belleville (Alphabetical & Business);  Bridgewater;  Carlow;  Cashel;  Deseronto;  Dungannon;  Elzevir (Township);  Faraday;  Herschel;  Hungerford (Township);  Huntingdon (Township);  Lake;  Limerick;  Madoc (Township);  Madoc (Village);  Marmora;  Mayo;  McClure.;  Monteagle;  Rawdon (Township);  Sidney (Township);  Stirling (Village);  Thurlow (Township);  Trenton (Town);  Tudor;  Tweed;  Tyendinaga (Township);  Wicklow;  Wollaston.

The inclusion of the directory of Ameliasburgh township in this directory may appear out of place, it being in the neighbouring Prince Edward County.  There was however, in the contemporary period of the directory, a good deal of trade between this area and the city of Belleville so it was a matter of practicality to include this area’s potential users & customers in the Hastings directory.

Hastings County was one of the areas which was surveyed and allocated to the settlement of Loyalists who were being expelled from the newly liberated United States after the so called “War of Independence” c1776.  Many of the originally surveyed “8 townships” will be found here, many still bearing the early names (given by the settlers) in honour of the children of King George III of England, who gifted land to the “United Empire Loyalists” (and their children) in recognition of their loyalty and services, and in compensation for their confiscated holdings in the US.  This gifting of land later extended to include US citizens who left the US as a result of the war of 1812.

In addition to the expected listings of householders, businesses, professions, and other services and utilities, the directory has Gazetteer like entries for most locations and discussions of Flora, Mineral and Manufacturing resources.  An excellent source for the practical information about Hastings County in the last decade of the 1800’s.

The electronic reproduction contains high quality reproductions of all of the (approximately) 335 printed pages in the book, which have also been processed and hand corrected to provide an accurate “index” of every word so that it may be computer searched and every occurrence of the “search term” listed.  Search speed has been minimized by the application of our FastFind technology.

*  The Thompson Country - 1907

Product No. CA0424:  $12.00.

The title continues, “Being Notes on the History of Southern British Columbia, and Particularly of the City of Kamloops, Formerly Fort Thompson.” The “Thompson” of the title is the Thompson river, one of B.C.’s main watershed drains.  It joins with the better known Fraser River at Lytton as it flows to empty into the Sea at Vancouver.

Although not physically - and only partially logically - the author, Mark S. Wade, has written this history of the area so that it is told around four major themes:  

  The first describes the distribution and structure of the indigenous aboriginal population and goes on to explore the effects and repercussions of their first contact with the few european explorers who arrived by sea or overland by way of the Rocky mountain barrier.  

  The second theme tells of the establishment of the outside fur` trade with the attendant coming of the  feuding; Hudson’s Bay, NorthWest, and the American (or Pacific) Fur Companies together with their (relatively) few factors, employees, and associates.

` While fur was their primary trading product they also traded in anything their “clients” presented for trade and on which a profit might be taken.  It was partially through their “extra curricular” trading in found raw gold that the third theme became of significance. 

  The third concerns the staggering impact of the gold rush of the later 1850’s when enormous numbers of “miners” took up residence in what had been barely travelled forest, over just a few years - upwards of 20,000  on the Fraser and Thompson in 1858 alone, for example.  Not only did this have an enormous impact on the indigenous residents - and the established trading companies - but it also initiated the accelerated establishment of a european style infrastructure, with its attendant ; “universal``” law and governance, mass mechanized transportation, and rapid communications.  This also had the effect of bringing the mainland``` of what was now becoming British Columbia to a significance which warranted its consideration as a part of Canada - with all that implies.

`` In the tribal culture the Law was made and enforced by the band Chief and only applied in his limited area of direct influence.

``` Up to this point most pioneering had been restricted to the off-shore islands or limited areas of the mainland.

  The fourth theme takes a more focused look at the development of the city of Kamloops as it becomes a major centre of population and trade throughout the tempestuous progress of the above three contemporary themes, including the decision to apply for confederation into the Dominion of Canada in 1868 and the beginning of the construction of the Transcontinental railway.

This mighty subject is compressed into only 136 pages, 17 of which are devoted to illustrations which are not credited but appear to be reproductions of a mixture of artwork and wonderful, very early, photographic images.  The writing style is eminently readable while - at the same time - managing to pack in a healthy serving of facts, dates and names.  We have made the text computer searchable and enhanced the search speed by indexing it with FastFind technology.

We invite you to join us in thanking the Community Library of Slocan, and their librarian Joyce Johnson for allowing us to bring you this digital reproduction of another wonderful record of Canada’s, and BC’s, history and rich heritage.

The “More Information” link from this books description - in the online catalogue on our website - shows the names of some of the indigenous tribes discussed, the names of some significant individuals recorded and some of the population centres mentioned.



Finally, we have completed processing the books loaned to us by the Slocam Community Library, and we thank Joyce for her patience!  They will shortly be on their way back - with digital copies for use in the library.

We are making great headway on the original electronic “manuscript” which we feel is an important, original, social history, well worth all the work we are putting into it.  

We are proud of our collection of digital versions of military history books.  To this point we had only found one, The regimental history of the Royal Montreal Regiment (CA0100-2) in the 2nd WW that we could reproduce, but we have now found a second one, and it will be ready for release as a digital version in a couple more weeks - unless Murphy decides to pay us a visit!  Keep an eye open for it! 



If any of you have genealogy related questions of a general nature - or something specifically related to Archive CD Books - we'd be glad to publish your question in this newsletter so you can tap into the enormous fund of knowledge which I know is out there.



We passed along some important information about changes being made to the way the ROOTSWEB Genealogy lists work and I'm repeating it here for those of you who may not have heard about it yet:  

"I wonder how many users of the Rootsweb mailing lists are aware of some recent changes to the way the lists are organised.   In the past, if you replied to a message, the default was for the reply to go to the list.  This has now changed, so the default is that the reply goes to the original sender, and not to the list. 

This seems to defeat the object of a mailing list, so if you want your replies to go to the list, you need to carefully check the "To" address in your reply. If the reply is to an individual, you need to delete it and  replace it with the address of the list. The way in which you do this will vary, depending on the e-mail program ("client") you are using. The reason for this change was explained on another Rootsweb list as follows:

=== begin quoted text ==

As some of you may be aware, a few months ago a number of Internet Service Providers, such as AOL and Yahoo, changed the way that they process incoming email.  This change rejected any email coming from any mailing list that had put the submitter's email address in the "From" field, because the "real" originator of the message was the list itself.  (The purpose of the change was to reduce spamming by people faking the "From" field.)

And this change caused a number of subscribers to be unsubscribed from the list, since their addresses were rejecting list email.

A change has now been made to the RootsWeb-based lists, including this one, so that email is now marked as coming "From" the list, while the person who submitted the email to the list has their email address appearing instead in the "Reply-to" field.  So if you reply to a message from the list, it will go only to the person who submitted the original message, and not to the entire list."



The Canadian War Museum’s popular exhibition of the War of 1812 will now be available via a virtual exhibition, and as a traveling version at venues across Canada into 2015.

Here are the dates and places where you can see the exhibit: 

July 19 - October 12, 2014 Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS 

November 1, 2014 - January 25, 2015 Eptek Art & Culture Centre, Summerside, PEI 

February 14 - May 10, 2015 Diefenbaker Canada Centre, Saskatoon, SK 


THE "Ryan Taylor/J. Brian Gilchrist" MEMORIAL LECTURE:

If you have attended genealogy events in the Ottawa area you are probably aware of the  Ryan Taylor memorial lectures.  With the passing of Bryan Gilchrist, a friend of Ryan's, the Ottawa Branch of the OGS decided to rename their memorial lecture series to include Brian's name as well.  The first of this series under this new name will be presented on 25, October 2014 - see the notice below for details of the event.




There is a call for papers to be presented at the 2015 OGS conference (29-31May)

See details of conference announcement in section 6 -  FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS.  This initial call is for one page summaries for first level selection.  Be sure to read the requirements of both the papers subject matter and to submission rules from the website.

Contact Info: Conference 2015 website:

NEW:  A REQUEST FOR HELP from Wentworth County, ON:

The Flamborough Heritage Society & Archives, is one of the largest and most active, local heritage groups and archives in Ontario. It is located in the former Wentworth County which was in the city of Hamilton in southwestern Ontario.  

They are working on three projects - 

1.  A planned book on the history behind the names of communities that exist, or did exist at one time, in Flamborough

2. A compilation of the businesses in Flamborough, with an emphasis on Waterdown, from around 1850 onwards 

3.  An inventory of street names in Waterdown, and the history behind the name.

They would like to receive any material which would help with this research - photos, stories, advertisements or flyers etc. They can scan the original photos, or you can send in scanned photos, or documents to:, or you can phone them for details at 905. 540.5161.

The website is at



We use our Facebook page to spread the word about notable events, special offers and just plain old “scuttlebutt” which we think will be of interest to Canadian genealogists, and which may have a short “shelf life.” To me, being a Canadian genealogist means having roots in other parts of the World as well as right here.  In an effort to keep focused on the Canadian content I try to filter out a lot of the vast wave of US (only) news which tend to overwhelmed most other news sources. 

Over the last month we have made 24 posts and the 5 most popular were:

A notice about changes being made to how Rootsweb genealogy lists are distributed etc.

          Notice of a Webcast on reading cursive writing with some examples.

          The release of two new “mobile” software Apps. from FamilySearch.

          News of the major cyber-attack which almost crippled the internet and badly impacted Ancestry’s .com site. 

          An article about a strangely encrypted inscription on a memorial stone.

I try and keep the postings to only significant events - as they occur,  but I do also include posts about “specials” and “free access” opportunities which only last a few days.

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27 July - 1 August, 2014.  The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies is holding its annual conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  “This conference brings together people from all over the world who are interested in Jewish genealogy.” For more information go to their Website


22 August, 2014.  GenealogyTours of Scotland is organizing a One Day Symposium on Scottish Genealogy Research. The topics: Basic Scottish Research by John Thomson, DNA by Linda Reid, Scot Irish by Ruth Blair, and Tracking our Scots Emigrant Ancestors by Christine Woodcock. 

Registration will open in February The Symposium will be open to the public, with a reduced registration fee for OGS members.

For more information, please contact Christine Woodcock at


20 September, 2014.  The Ottawa TMG Users Group,will hold a meeting from 2:00 to 4:00pm for users of The Master Genealogist software, and related titles.   They meet at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, Room 226.  

Their web site is


19 - 21 September, 2014.  The British Isles Family Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) will be conducting their annual conference in their “traditional” venue of the of the Library and Archives of Canada on Wellington St., Ottawa.  The conference themes are “English Family History”; Immigration from the British Isles; and Genetics in genealogy.  There willl also bea pannel discussion on the subject of "Homechildren" who were emigrated to Canada.  Further information will be announced when ready.  The announcement can be found at:



18 October, 2014.  The Ottawa TMG Users Group,will hold a meeting from 2:00 to 4:00pm for users of The Master Genealogist software, and related titles.   They meet at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, Room 226.  

Their web site is


25 October, 2014.  The Ottawa branch of the OGS is  holding a regular pseudo-monthly meeting at which the Ryan Taylor/Brian Gilchrist memorial lecture will be presented.  (See notice about name change above.)  The presentation this year is entitled: "A Research Journey into WWI, WWII, Medals, & eBay"  Their website is at


15 November, 2014.  The Ottawa TMG Users Group,will hold a meeting from 2:00 to 4:00pm for users of The Master Genealogist software, and related titles.   They meet at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, Room 226.  

Their web site is


13 December, 2014.  The Ottawa TMG Users Group,will hold a meeting from 2:00 to 4:00pm for users of The Master Genealogist software, and related titles.   They meet at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood Dr., Ottawa, Room 226.  

Their web site is


29-31 May, 2015.  The Ontario Genealogical Society will host the Society’s annual conference at Georgian College Campus, Barrie, ON, Canada. The conference theme — Tracks through Time – originates from the 130th Anniversary of the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway across Canada.

Conference 2015 website:






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