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This is the seventh newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada.  This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to make it worth your while reading but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

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Newsletters work best when they get a good circulation.  We’re doing our best to let people know about it but you could help us along by mentioning it to your genealogy buddies and generally spreading the word.


The two special offers we announced last month have proved to be so popular we are going to continue them for another month:

Our recently released "Directory of Smiths Falls (Lanark, Ontario) - c1948" - CA0077, is being offered at a special price of $14.25 (25% off the regular price of $19.00) as a New Release special.

We are still running a limited time special offer on our web site:

With the purchase of any TWO regular Archive CD Books we are giving away a copy of the "1854  Gazetteer of the United States," (product No. GB0367: regular price, $35.60) absolutely FREE!  No e-mails, no forms to fill in, just buy two books at the same time and this great resource will automatically be included with your order.  This offer won't last for ever!


We announced our new Gift Certificates in our last newsletter.  These are really great value - you get a 15% discount for purchasing them - so think about buying a Christmas gift for someone who really deserves one.  YOU!

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(To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.  There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site.)

All prices in $Cdn.

We've only released one new Canadian book this month but it is a great find and is already selling like "hot cakes!".  More about the last months activities to come below.

* The Winslow Papers AD 1776 - 1826

CA0081:    $35.00

by Rev. W. O. Raymond (Editor)

A long description but well deserved by this gem of our collection. One look at the state of the original will tell you how well it has been used. Fortunately the inside is in wonderful condition so this edition is eminently readable. This book has been described as, "One of the richest collections of loyalist materials known to exist." Even its own preface says it "... will be found to contain the largest and most important collection of public and private papers relative to the early history of the maritime provinces ..."

The Winslow family in North America descended from Edward Winslow who, together with his young wife, came to America as one of the "Mayflower pilgrims." He helped to established the colony of Plymouth in 1620 and then became it's first Governor. The earliest papers in this collection date from 1776 when his great grandson (also named Edward) was a man of some importance in Plymouth. Many of these early letters recount the private and public experiences of Mr. Winslow as a loyalist living through the revolutionary war. This tumult ultimately resulted in his leaving Plymouth to settle in Nova Scotia, by way of Halifax, in 1783.

Once he was established in "the Maritimes" Edward once again assumed duties as a community leader and was instrumental in making preparations for the mass emigration of the loyalists to British North America. And this is just the beginning. The Winslows continued to take a prominent part in public life eventually playing an important role in the establishment of the province of New Brunswick. The latest papers published in this collection date from 1826, a span of 50 years. Altogether there are some 650 documents in this published collection originating from some 170 different persons. There are also 15 wonderful illustrations and a page containing facsimiles of 60 contemporary autographs including that of Brig. Gen'l Benedict Arnold - "the traitor" amongst a host of other well recognized names.

Greatly adding to the value of this as a historical document are the many personal touches in the letters concerning the ordinary and domestic subjects, like the return of a coat and the inquiries after the health of various friends and relations. These help to make it a living record, not just another list of historical events. Amongst the subjects discussed will be found relationships with the indigenous, native peoples (Indians) and the administration and governance of the various groups of military and militia. There are even a number of lists of members of various military groups, a valuable resource for early military history historians.

Although Rev W. O. Raymond included an extensive 16 page index in the original New Brunswick Historical Society publication it was still found necessary, in the 1960's, to draft and publish a separate index to get the best benefit from the book. You won't need any extra index with this CD! Our publication makes the Winslow papers computer searchable for the first time. Our unique publication technique allows you to view an image of the original pages and still have the ability to search for every occurrence for your search term, be it a person, event, or a place. Possibly the most accessible publication of this rare and valuable Atlantic Provinces historical record ever.

And as if all this wasn't enough the original editor of the collection, Rev. W. O. Raymond M. A., has added extensive and invaluable footnotes which help us to understand the background and context of the letters. In many cases these footnotes are complete, miniature, biographies of the individuals named in the letters.


* Faugh-a-ballagh song book - 1899

This has turned out to be a most interesting project.  What we, and the owner, thought was one song book is actually two separate books which had been put together in the same home made cover many years ago.  We're not about to separate them after all these years so they will both appear on the same CD.  While my research hasn't been exhaustive I haven't been able to find another copy of either of these two books anywhere.  They seem to have been published in New York in the late 1800's but they contain songs about Canada, USA and other countries where the Royal Irish Fusiliers served.  Mainly, however, the songs - and there are some stories - are about Ireland.  These two book were desperately in need of preserving - in fact it was a little too late for a couple of pages - so this has taken on more of the character of a rescue mission than a straight forward reproduction.

Right now we are working with the owners Father to see if we can add the names of some more of the music to which the songs were sung.  This is certainly a stretch from our normal subjects but we feel it is important to help to preserve what may be the last copy of these books.

* The Ottawa City Directory - 1926

Although we have this on a high priority for scanning it has been "bumped" because of the arrival of a package of books from another friend of Archive CD Books  who is a researcher of Canada's part in the Great War and who has been kind enough to loan us three wonderful books out of his collection.

* Upper Canada College Roll of Service 1914-1919 (The War Book) - Published in 1923.

A biographical listing of all the old boys of Upper Canada College who took part in the Great War.  Every old boy has a concise biography giving the critical details of his life and career as well as his service record.  The biographies are divided into those who gave their lives and those who survived and went on into civilian life.

* History of the Canadian Forces Vol. 1 August 1914 - September 1915.  Published 1938.

Although titled as Volume 1 there were never any more volumes because of the outbreak of the second World War.  This is an incredibly detailed account of the military activities starting the week before the outbreak of The Great War and finishing on 13 September when the 2nd Canadian Division arrived in France.  This "Volume" is actually bound as two separate books.  The first contains the history while the second contains reprints of all the documents, signals, war diaries, announcement, letters, etc. which are referred to in the first volume.  There are 14 loose, large scale, color maps showing the disposition of the forces in the field at selected points in the battles and eight more bound in with the history volume.  This is a rare book and we count ourselves very lucky to have been loaned it.

* The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion C.F.E.  1914 - 1925, published 1927.

A regimental history of this famous regiment which was raised to be a part of the 1st Canadian Division committed to the war in France.  An interesting counterpoint to the more general "History of the Canadian Forces" it provides a description of the battlefield from the viewpoint of a participating fighting group.  The Appendices provide valuable factual and statistical information including an Honor Roll of those who gave their lives in the service of their country.  Anyone who has tried to obtain copies of the regimental histories of Canadian fighting forces knows they are hard to come by.  This is a valuable resource.


(All prices in $Cdn.)


* DEVON 1871 CENSUS (full set)    

C1871DEV:  $88.00  -  Individual CDs 01 thru 09 (see web site for content): $16.10 ea.


C1841CAM:  $37.60 - Individual CDs 01 thru 04 (see web site for content): $16.10 ea.


C1841NTT:  $80.90 - Individual CDs 01 thru 11 (see web site for content): $16.10 ea.

* ESSEX 1841 CENSUS (full set)

C1841ESS:  $95.50 - Individual CDs 01 thru 13 (see web site for content):  $16.10 ea.

* CORNWALL 1871 CENSUS (full set)

C1871COR:  $72.30 - Individual CDs 01 thru 07 (see web site for content):  $16.10 ea.

* SUFFOLK 1841 CENSUS (full set)

C1841SUF:  $77.90 - Individual CDs 01 thru 08 (see web site for content):  $16.10 ea.

* STAFFORDSHIRE 1871 CENSUS (full set)

C1871STF:  $93.70

          - Individual CDs 01 thru 06 & 08 (see web site for content):  $16.10 ea.

          - Individual CDs 07, 09 &10 (2 CD sets - see web site for content):  $26.20 ea.


* Government Gazette books; by State and year:

Government Gazettes contain a vast amount of historical and genealogical information. However they are largely an untapped resource. The few complete runs that are available are usually only found in major libraries. And even for researchers who do have access to these the sheer size and extent of the Gazettes is daunting.

Now that is all changing - with the publication of the gazettes on affordable and searchable form on CD-ROM.

Tens of thousands of ordinary people and localities, small and large, are mentioned EVERY YEAR in Government Gazettes. But they offer researchers much more than simply names and places. They will help you reconstruct events and circumstances in the life of individuals and communities.

"I'm totally in awe of the potential of the Government Gazette project ... the accessibility, ease of use ... having done the hard slog through many original volumes" - Greg Slattery, South Australian historian.

A long informative article by Andrew Peake on The South Australian Government Gazette is published in the August 2004 issue of the South Australian Genealogist

Searching that unlocks the gazettes

* South Australian Government Gazette 1849

AU5100-1849:  $35.90

The whole text of the 619 page volume is searchable.

* South Australian Government Gazette 1867

AU5100-1867:  $45.00

The whole text of the 1286 page volume is searchable. Search for any word in the text - names, places and more.

* South Australian Government Gazette 1886

AU5100-1886:  $54.10

This CD contains all 2588 pages from the two volumes of the original set.

(see the our web site for more information)

* New South Wales Government Gazette 1865

AU2100-1865:  $54.10

The whole text of the 2 volume, 3101 page volume set is searchable.

(see the our web site for more information)

* Queensland Government Gazette 1872

AU4100-1872:  $54.10

The whole text of the 2178 page volume is searchable.

(see the our web site for more information)


* Australasian Methodist Ministerial General Index 1896

AU0011:  $22.70

This book comprises the names of ministers in the Australasian Wesleyan Methodist Church from the beginning. This second edition brings the appointments to the year 1896. It also indicates the principal offices which each minister has held from the Conferences.

It lists all the ministers with all of their appointments arranged alphabetically by each conference. Covers all of Australia and New Zealand.

The book also features the following:  past presidents and secretaries, nationally and for each regional conference;  more extensive biographical sketches, many with photos, of twenty deceased and distinguished ministers;  In Memoriam - a list of ministers who have died since the first conference, giving name, birthplace, dates of birth, commencement of ministry and death.

(see the our web site for more information)

* New South Wales Weekly Notes VII 1890-1893 (Court Reports)

AU2003:  $35.90

Digests or summaries of court cases were reported continuously in The New South Wales Weekly Notes from 1884 to 1970 - and subsequently under a different title. This CD contains 3 years of Weekly notes from July 1890 to July 1893

Though a digest or summary of case many are reported in considerable detail.

Any one could be a party to any of these cases. A great deal of personal and genealogical information appears. Fill in some details of your families lives with information you may not find anywhere else

(see the our web site for more information)

* Centenary History of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales

AU2014:  $35.90

his Centenary History, published in 1905 in two volumes, contains a wealth of information on Presbyterianism, Presbyterian churches and Presbyterian people in New South Wales. It is a valuable resource for church historians, local historians and family historians - greatly enhanced by full text searching on this CD edition. Search for any word in the text - names, places and more.

(see the our web site for more information)

* Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War 1914-18

AU4007:  $31.40

A wonderful record of 2468 men and a some women involved in the Great War 1914-18, mainly those who actually served overseas. 2334 portraits are included. The biographical particulars were supplied by the relatives and personal friends of the men who proceeded on active service abroad. The photographs in every case have also been furnished either directly or indirectly by the relatives and friends.

(see the our web site for more information)

* South Australia Post Office Directory 1903 - Wise

AU5010:  $45.00

This Directory is divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical, and Trades and Professions. These enable the enquirer to see at a glance, firstly, the names of householders or traders in any one town; secondly, the address and occupation of any resident in the state; and thirdly, the number of persons in the state engaged in any one trade or calling.

(see the our web site for more information)

* The South Australian Company: A Study in Colonisation

AU5011:  $26.80

The South Australian Company was formed in January 1836 to promote the establishment of the British province in South Australia, and to engage in a wide range of commercial activities in the new province. These included advance land purchases which were required to enable the new province to proceed in the first place. But the company's activities were wide ranging.

"In many respects the company became the economic backbone of the province, providing infrastructure in the form of roads, bridges, ports, warehouses and mills. It engaged in a flourishing livestock industry, formed the much-needed Bank of South Australia, undertook shipbuilding at the new port (Port Adelaide), and had a strong presence in mining, particularly at Burra in the mid north." - The Wakefield Companion to South Australian History

(see the our web site for more information)

* The History and Topography of Glen Osmond

AU5013:      $22.70

A valuable history and record of this significant early community close to the city of Adelaide. It tells of its pioneers, industries, places of worship, businesses, social and cultural institutions and more.

Other features of the book are:  Extracts from the "Register of Marriages" belonging to the Church of St. Saviour's

list of householders and old residents of Glen Osmond who were living at the date of compilation in 1905;  Obituaries of pioneers of Glen Osmond

Glen Osmond Cemetery - names and dates of death or burial from headstones and burial records;  Many photos;  Map of Glen Osmond;  16 page index of names places and subjects

(see the our web site for more information)

* Glenelg Historic Guide and Directory

AU5014:  $22.70

anchorage on the eastern side of St. Vincent's Gulf at Holdfast Bay, about 11 km southwest of where central Adelaide is now situated. Glenelg was favored by freshwater lagoons and shady trees, and on 28th December 1836, Captain John Hindmarsh proclaimed His Majesty's Province of South Australia at the proclamation tree, later to be a much photographed bent eucalyptus.

(see the our web site for more information)

* History of the Catholic Church in South Australia

AU5021:  $22.70

An early history of the Catholic Church in South Australia from the landing of the first few Catholics in December 1836, till the death of Dr. Shiel, the third Bishop of Adelaide.

(see the our web site for more information)

* South Australia: An Agricultural and Pastoral State in the Making 1836-46

AU5022:  $31.40

A comprehensive and valuable record of the first ten years of land survey, settlement and development in South Australia. A rare book, that seems little known. Especially valuable for its accounts of the special surveys which figured prominently in early South Australia, and the activities and character of many of the early pioneers.

(see the our web site for more information)

* Fifty Years History of Kensington and Norwood

AU5023:  $26.80

A valuable history and record of this significant early community close to the city of Adelaide. To quote from the Preface -:"On December 26th, 1902, the Council of the Town of Kensington and Norwood decided at its ordinary meeting to publish a sketch of the rise and progress of the town from the inauguration of Municipal Government in 1853 to the year 1903 — the date of the jubilee of the town. This little work to which these lines form the introduction is the outcome of the Council's resolution"

(see the our web site for more information)

* The South Australian Almanac and General Colonial Directory 1851

AU5025:  $31.40

This rare early almanac and directory gives a fascinating insight into the South Australia of 1851. It contains a great deal of useful information for the researcher, not just local family and social history.

An important part of this volume is the directory, divided into three sections:  Adelaide and Suburban;  Albert Town and Port;  Country

(see the our web site for more information)

* Cyclopedia of Tasmania 1900

AU6003:  $63.20

The Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century are a vast resource of historical and biographical information. They cover the people, towns, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more.

The Cyclopedias include thousands of illustrations, the larger number of these being portraits of those whose biographies are included. These are not just the rich and famous, but include a high percentage of the ordinary citizens in each community.

(see the our web site for more information)

* Bailliere's Tasmanian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1877

AU6004:  $26.80

This important 19th century gazetteer contains 'the most recent and accurate information as to every place in the colony' - in 1877 - a wealth of information for historians and genealogists, and will interest the general reader as well. There are entries for towns and villages, lakes, rivers and creeks, islands, bays, hills and mountains, counties, electoral districts and other localities and features. It often gives latitude and longitude, populations, proximity to other towns, local industries, services such as coach and mail runs, hotels, churches, schools and much more.

In addition to the main gazetteer this volume includes advertisements. A feature of this CD is the inclusion of the large fold out map scanned in two sections. This map is often missing from surviving copies of the gazetteer.

(see our web site for more information)

* Calendar of the University of Tasmania 1916-17

AU6006:  $26.80

Old university calendars contain a wealth of information on people associated with the university as well as an insight into the courses of study offered and university life and culture generally. And this CD which is searchable on any name, subject or word you desire will open up access to much of this information that you may not have considered or found convenient to access in the past.

If anyone in your family had association with the University up to 1916 as student, faculty, member or donor then this CD will be of interest.

(see our web site for more information)

* Tasmania Post Office Directory 1904 (Wise)

AU6009:      $35.90

This directory is divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical and Trades and Professions. These three classifications enable the enquirer to see at a glance, first, the names of Householders or Traders in any one Town; secondly, the address and occupation of any resident in the State; and, thirdly, the number of persons throughout Tasmania, engaged in any one trade or calling.

(see our web site for more information)

* Melbourne Commercial and Squatters Directory 1854

AU7003:  $26.80

his early Melbourne directory is arranged as follows:

Map of Melbourne;  Directory - arranged by streets;  Directory - arranged alphabetically;  Trade and Professional Directory;  Public Companies and Societies;  Squatters' Directory - with names of runs and their occupation;  Official (Government) Directory;  Consulates;  Advertisements

(see our web site for more information)

* Sands and McDougall's Melbourne, Suburban and Country Directory for 1904

AU7009:  $49.50

A huge directory consisting of over 1900 pages, this Sands and McDougall Directory, which in 1904 was in its 48th year of publication, consists of not only a Melbourne Directory, but also it's Suburbs and the country areas too.

The Melbourne and Suburbs sections contain the "Street, Alphabetical, Trade and Professional Directories of Melbourne and Suburbs together with Government, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Official, Municipal, and other miscellaneous Information".

(see our web site for more information)

* Western Australia Post Office Directory 1914 (Wise's)

AU8004:  $45.00

The 1914 edition of Wise's Western Australia Post Office Directory is divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical and Trades and Professions. These three classifications enable the enquirer to see at a glance the Householders or Traders in any one Town; the Business and Address of any resident in the State; and the Firms throughout Western Australia engaged in any trade or profession.

(see our web site for more information)


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It's our impression that you would rather have this newsletter delivered directly to your e-mail rather than having to go to a bulletin board site to read it so we'll continue to use the current delivery method as long as we can.  We also received some valuable suggestions on how to improve this newsletter and we are implementing some of your suggestions.  Thank you for your suggestions but don't stop.  We always love to hear from you!

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One of the biggest problems we are facing in starting up this Canadian branch of Archive CD Books is letting people know who we are and what we do.  Finally our, and your, efforts seem to be paying off!  We have just supplied two of our CDs to the Toronto Public Library's Reference Department!  One of them was our Rural Directory of the Electoral District of Lincoln, Ontario - 1929.  Not one of the largest books in our collection but perhaps one of the rarest as we have NEVER seen another copy available anywhere.

We have a special license for libraries because we will not allow them to make our CDs available for public loan (they are too easy to copy!)   If the library will agree to keep them in their reference only departments we are more than happy to provide them and will even give them a discount.  This applies to all sorts of libraries, Public, private, society, school, university, whatever.  Why not talk to your library about carrying copies of our CDs on their shelves?


Our scanning schedule looks as if it slowed down last month.  Nothing, in fact, is further from the truth.  We are hard at work on books which have been loaned to us by two good friends of the project.

Mary Yeatman Robinson is the proud owner of the unique Irish Song book which I mentioned above.

Chris Wight is a researcher of The Great War and it is he who has loaned us the three great books I mentioned in our "Coming Soon" section.  Chris has joined Marc Leroux to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War.  This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at /  Please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.


"While I have only managed to go through a tiny portion of the maps what I have seen I have found greatly fascinating. My favorite so far has been the map on Railways and Canals of England. Amazing!" - Jamie


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