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This is the fifth newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada.  This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to make it worth your while reading but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

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Exciting new releases from Archive CD Books Canada for both ends of the country.

New book from our UK partner.

News of a new relationship with Global Genealogy.

Changes in the US partnership.


(To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.  There is frequently more information about the books available on the web site.)

Three new Canadian books this month.

* Sunset Canada - British Columbia and Beyond

CA0045 :  $23.00

The original title page of this book carries the self description: "An Account of its Settlement; Its Progress from the Early Days to the Present, including a Review of the Hudson's Bay Company; Its Amazing Variety of Climate; Its Charm of Landscape; Its Unique Cities and Attractive Towns and Their Industries; A Survey of the Different Peoples to be Found There, including the Japanese and Doukhobors; An Analysis of What it Offers in Opportunity to the Home Seeker, the Agriculturist, the Business Man, the Sportsman and the Traveler."

 The only thing to add to this is that its author, an American, was writing a travelogue mainly for his fellow Americans and his adventures took place in the years just prior to the book publication in 1918. As well as providing an easy to follow "potted" history of the establishment of the province in the early chapters, he describes a British Columbia which was just beginning to bloom into the great province we know today, before the great natural wonders and resources had been significantly altered by the pressure of a growing population.

This book will provide an insight into what it was like to live in BC just at the beginning of its real expansion. It contains 320 pages, a useful full color map of British Columbia and 56 illustrations, 8 of which are in colour. The text is fully searchable using the features of Acrobat Reader™ or any other equivalent PDF reader.

* The Parish Register of Kingston Upper Canada

CA0072 :  $19.00

This is a complete copy of Prof. Young's original 1921 publication, not just a transcription of the entries for births, marriages and funerals. As well as an exact copy of this important genealogy data AND all of Prof. Young's extensive explanatory and interpretation notes on the registrations, there is a long introduction telling the story of the establishment of the Church of England in Upper Canada and, in particular, that of Dr. John Stewart, the first rector. This naturally also leads to the story of the establishment of the first church, St. George's. Most, if not all of those involved in establishing the church are mentioned by name, "notes" being provided describing the contributions of the First Benefactors.

Of course the primary value of this book is that it contains a transcript of the first church records kept in the (now) province of Ontario.

 To paraphrase Prof. Young's own introduction, "The Parish Register of Kingston kept by the Revd. John Stuart covers the years 1785 to 1811, the whole period of his rectorship. Defective though it is in places, by reason of the loss of two pages and the forgetfulness of the Rector in the matter of transcribing entries from the notebooks in which he made them originally, the Register is still intensely interesting. Not only was it the first such register to be kept in Upper Canada, but it recorded in large numbers the names of inhabitants of the Province other than those whose domicile was in Kingston, the Rector, as a missionary and as Bishop's Official, traveling up and down between Point au Bodet and the Onondaga reserve on the Grand River, to preach and baptize, to perform marriages and bury the dead."

In addition to all this, the book also contains two maps of the city of Kingston in 1875. One is a detail map showing the area around the military establishment while the other covers an area of 6 miles by 6 miles the bottom edge of the map showing the shoreline of the St. Lawrence. The holders names are inscribed in the lots shown on both maps but those on the more detailed city center map are, unfortunately, largely illegible. We have done what we can to enhance the image and it may be possible to interpret the names if you know what you are looking for. The larger scale map is fully legible.

The text of the book is fully searchable using the "Find" or "Search" facilities of Adobe Reader or any similar PDF file reading application.

A PRIME genealogical source from the early days of Upper Canada.

* Pembroke Ontario's Centenary 1928

CA0073 :  $19.00

In early August of 1928 The town of Pembroke, a "star" of the upper Ottawa valley, celebrated it's 100th birthday. The family of one of Archive CD Books Canada's friends, Bill Clayton gathered these books at the time and they have been passed down so that you can now read all about the town and it's people. In addition to the Official Guide and Pictorial History called "Pembroke Centenary and Old Home Week," there is a copy of "Nexus," the year book for the Pembroke Collegiate Institute for 1928 -1929 (Volume 3), and a copy of the short form Program of Events, Sports and Attractions for the six day celebration running from Monday 5th August through Saturday 11th.

 The Official Guide provides both a nice concise history of the original establishment of Pembroke complete with many photographs of the original settlers but it goes on to give a summary of virtually all the public and private institutions and organizations contemporary to the celebration. The Nexus is a typical year book, written by the students for the students and mentioning the names of as many of them as was possible. There are also numerous photographs of individuals, sports teams and some nice composite photographs of the teaching staff.

As well as providing an excellent "snap shot" of the town these documents will be of great use to anyone researching ancestors because of the large number of individuals who are named either for their involvement in local affairs or for their part in the celebration. Both of the major documents are liberally "laced" with advertising for local businesses. A rare and valuable insight into this important manufacturing town on one of Upper Canada's primary pioneer routes.


* Directory of Smiths Falls

An early telephone directory of this important railroad town in Eastern  Ontario.

* History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton

By Rev. John Murray this is a very concise record of the establishment and growth of the Presbyterian church from it's earliest beginnings in 1786 up until shortly before this book was published in 1921.  Loaned to us by Nelson Pool a proud resident of Cape Breton and an active researcher.

* Down North and Up Along - 1909

By Margaret W. Morley.  Another period description of the Atlantic Provinces - Nova Scotia in particularly.  Not restricted to just the scenery but discussing the traditions and folk lore as well.  This book is being produced in response to a request by a number of friends interested in this area and wanting to have a copy for themselves.


British New Releases:

* London Dutch Church Register 1568-1872

GB1264 :  $27.80

London Dutch Church Register of Marriages, Confessions, Membership and Banns 1568 - 1872

This register contains the attestation of certificates of membership, confessions of guilt, certificates of marriages and betrothals, publications of banns etc between 1568 to 1872. Whilst the register of marriages etc is very useful, it is fascinating to read the confessions of guilt which tell of the moral opinions and views of this community in the past.


1585 3148 Susanna Liebaerts, spinster, who misconducted herself with a young man under promise of marriage. But as, through his death, that marriage cannot take place, the Community is informed of her repentance, in order, they may not be offended when they see her appear at the Lord's Supper.

3127 15 January 1579. Pieter Persoons, a widower accused by his maid-servant of having misconducted himself with her, and who finally married someone else, outside the Dutch Church. Clearly, little escaped this community's notice!

Fully searchable by name, this book is invaluable for those with Dutch ancestors living in London.



"Due to popular demand from our customers, we have now added the 1851 census to the range, with a high priority for production."


The Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group (UOVGG) will be receiving two free copies of our new release, Pembroke Ontario's Centenary (see above for description).  Our friend Bill, who loaned us these books for scanning, asked that we donate one of the CDs of his book that we had offered him, to the Group's library.  We were glad to send Bill both of his CDs and to send two copies to the UOVGG's library as well.  I was unable to find any available copies of Bill's books on the market and only one in the National Archives and one at Queens.  These then are a truly rare resource and we hope they will be of much help to the UOVGG's great research work.


The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) presents its first lecture for Fall 2004.

The topic is: What you can expect to find at the Public Record Office in Kew and at PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland) in Belfast and the lecturer is Dr. Allan Marble, President of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia.

It will be held on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 at 7:30 p.m.

As usual, the lecture is open to the public and will be held in the Akins A/V Room, Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, Public Archives Site, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I hope that some of you will be able to attend the lecture.

Janice Fralic-Brown,

Recording Secretary, GANS

There has been nothing else notable from any of the Family History Societies and groups we monitor.  Don't forget we can help your group to spread the news.  Send us an e-mail.



Our support for the Anglo Celtic Routes conference organized by BIFHSGO over the weekend of the 17 to 19 September was a resounding success.  We made over two hundred CD to be offered for sale and the display generated a lot of interest amongst those attending.  You can see a picture of our set-up on our website at

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This was a cooperative venture between BIFHSGO and Archive CD Books Canada where they supplied the personel to look after the display and in return we donated a percentage of our receipts to them.  We got a lot of good publicity, they received both some welcome funding, and their members got a chance to pick and choose amongst the stock.  We'd like to thank Isabel Rollison & Jamie Rimmer, two wonderful young people who manned our display for BIFHSGO and did an outstanding job.


We are excited to announce that we have an  agreement with the well known, and much respected, Global Genealogy company to carry some of our Canadian products.  You can visit Global Genealogy's store at  43 Main Street South, (PO Box 569) Campbellville, ON, Canada (L0P 1B0) or find them on the web at < >  This is just a start to this relationship.  Look out for announcements of more cooperative ventures between Global Genealogy and Archive CD Books Canada in the New Year.


The partners who were running the US Archive CD Books have decided that they need to give all their concentration to working with US genealogy and history researchers.  All US customers of Archive CD Books are being redirected to us, the Canadian Partners, until alternative arrangements can be made.  We are dedicated to providing our US customers the usual high standard of personal service they have always enjoyed and we look forward to hearing from you.


We have added a new page where we will record some of the details of our cooperative ventures with Family History Societies and other organizations.

In response to some comments we've received we will be adding more new pages where we can give some more in depth content of our Canadian publications.  We have already extracted extensive names indices from three of our books, which we will put on these pages and I will also try and extract some tables of contents to publish here.  I'll keep you informed of our progress on this project through this newsletter.


"It arrived this AM -- That was fast! This one is fine. I do appreciate it, and hate to have caused you trouble over a problem caused by PO's rough handling. One would think they would treat bubble-wrapped irems with some care knowing they are bubble wrapped for a reason. You will be hearing from me. I think the whole concept of preserving old volumes is great.  Again with sincerest thanks,  Marion"


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