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This is the fourth newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada.  This newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to   make it worth your while reading but we expect that will mean there will be about one a month.

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    We have a batch of new releases from the US partners this time.  Great material!  Go and have a look.

    It may look as if we have slowed down a bit as we're only listing two new Canadian releases.  Not the case at all!  There are an amazing  number of things we have to do and the summer is one of our best opportunities to go "book hunting."  You will be seeing some of the  fruits of our summer adventures in the coming months.  We have also been making new friends in the Atlantic Provinces and are hoping that  some really interesting things will be coming from that.

    We've also noticed that many of you are taking a well deserved break from your researches - or could it just be the summer research field  trip?


(To find a book on our web site take a note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the   web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and   you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your order.  There is frequently more information about the books available   on the web site.)

Only two new Canadian books this month but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality.

* Stoddard's Lectures - Canada, Malta & Gibraltar - 1902    

CA0037-X2    $19.00    

John L. Stoddard was an American gentleman Victorian adventurer who explored the world and brought his tales and pictures back to an  audience of Victorian town dwellers eager to share his “wild” experiences.  One of the pioneers of photography, every page is illustrated with at least one of his remarkable pictures.  Despite his Victorian heritage Mr. Stoddard’s written style remains very readable and could easily be mistaken for the writing of a contemporary author were it not that the subject had undergone such profound change since his time.  The two combined lectures on Canada occupy 240 pages,  Malta 58 pages while Gibraltar is covered in 30 pages.

The index is based on place names and major topics while the list of illustrations is in order of appearance but each entry is usually started with a place name.  The book's text is fully computer searchable.  A wonderful living image of Canada, Malta and Gibraltar at the turn of the century.  Approximately 400 photographs.  This is a reproduction of the 1911 edition and so includes a number of  "colorized" plates.

The Stoddard's Lectures are published as a series of 15 volumes in total.  Each volume tells of Mr. Stoddard's travels in a different area  of the globe and all are as interesting and well illustrated as this one.  We chose to publish the Canadian one first for obvious reasons but we will - eventually - have to whole series available.

* Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton 1906

CA0048    $35.00

Here's a treat - instant family history!  The index of this book indicates over 1000 entries all of whom are, "Prominent &  Representative Citizens and many of the Early Settled Families," to quote the book's title page.  We estimate over 18,000 people are identified in this book.  You will find a list of the indexed family names on the ArchiveCDBooks Canada web site, in the "more information" panel for this book.

This book was published in 1906 by J. H. Beers and Company, the same company responsible for the famous County Historical Atlases so popular with Canadian family historians today.  In all probability then this book contains entries for those families who were willing to pay to  appear in it, similar to how the entries were chosen to be made in the County Atlases.

But how much more information this book contains compared to the Atlases.  Not just a single entry of the landowner's name, but a complete family history covering at least three generations, including details of spouses and their families.  Many of the entries are accompanied with a good photographic portrait of the primary subject, often titled with their signature.  What a prize for your family history!There is one significant difference between this and the County Historical Atlases though.  As far as I can tell these  Biographical Records were only produced for the counties of Essex, Kent, York and Lambton.This is a large book being 10 1/2 inches by 8 inches and containing 840 pages.

Our reproduction is fully text searchable in Adobe Reader® or any similar PDF file reader. This means you will not need the very expensive, paper, "Complete Index" to the book in order to find every mention of the people you are researching.

 As a bonus one of the book's previous owners - apparently a member of the David M. Johnston family - has pasted in newspaper clippings  relating to significant events in their family's history since the  book was published and we've reproduced these as a part of this great  CD.


* Sunset Canada, British Columbia and Beyond - 1918


The early days of British Columbia including the influence of the  Hudsons Bay Company.

* Directory of Smiths Falls

An early telephone directory of this important railroad town in Eastern  Ontario.

* The Parish Register of Kingston Upper Canada 1785 - 1811


An great book for anyone researching the city which played such a  significant role in the formation of Upper Canada.  Include records of  Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals as well as much more.  Fully indexed.


5a  USA new releases:

* 1904 Holland, MI Directory

US0001    $20.30

Holland City Directory for 1903-04 containing an alphabetically  arranged list of business firms and private citizens and a  miscellaneous directory of the City, County and State Officers, Public  and Private Schools, Churches, Banks, and Secret Societies, etc.

* 1914 Holland, MI Directory

US0002    $20.30

Holland City Directory for 1913-14 containing an alphabetically  arranged list of business firms and private citizens and a  miscellaneous directory of the City, County and State Officers, Public  and Private Schools, Churches, Banks, and Secret Societies, etc.

* 1844 Chicago, IL Directory

US0003    $20.30

A 1904 Reprint of the original 1844 Chicago City Directory.

* 1906 Lancasater, PA Directory    

US0004    $33.80

Polk's city directory for Lancaster, PA includes a Street Directory,  Alphabetical Directory of Citizens and Businesses, and a Classified  Business Directory.

* 1917 Carthage, NY Directory    

US0005    $20.30

City directory for Carthage and West Carthage, NY includes a Street  Directory, Alphabetical Directory of Citizens and Businesses, and a  Classified Business Directory. It also has an alphabetical directory of  the Rural Free Delivery (RFD) residents

* 1916 Alliance, OH Directory

US0006    $20.30

Alliance City Directory including Rural Routes and Adjoining Towns.  Embracing a complete Alphabetical List of the Inhabitants, 15 years of  age and over, Maried Women, Business Firms and Incorporated Companies,  Special Street Directory. Miscellaneous Information, Etc.

* 1887 Cleveland, OH Business Directory

US0007    $27.00

Business Directory embracing an Alphabetical and a Classified list of  all Business Firms and Individuals Engaged in Business or Professional  Pursuits, and Miscellaneous and Useful Information, Etc. Contains all  Phone Numbers

* 1864-1905 University of California Directory of Graduates     

US0008    $20.30

Contains an Alphabetical Index as well as a year by year listing of  Graduates, their degree, and address.

* 1913 Harvard University Directory

US0009    $47.30

A Catalog of Men now (then) living who have been enrolled as students  in Harvard University; Including also officers of instruction and  administration. Contains over 35,000 names with addresses for all but  1,200. Over 1,600 pages.

* 1912 Montgomery County, OH Directory

US0010    $20.30

Over 11,000 names of Montgomery County Farmers and also prominent  residents of Mongomery County Towns and Villages, outside of Dayton,  giving the names alphabetically as a whole, the Township for each  party, mail address, and the amount of the latest tax evaluations, both  on Personal Property and Real Estate.

* 1902 Lexington, MA Directory    

US0011    $20.30

Resident and Business directory of Lexington, MA 1902-03, containing a  Complete Resident, Street, an Business Directory, Town Officers,  Schools, Societies, Churches, Post Offices, etc.

* 1889 New London, CT Directory

US0012    $20.30

A directory containing a general list of residents, Business Houses,  Public Buildings, Blocks, Societies, Associations, Etc. Also a list of  the Male Residents of Adjacent Towns, with Post Office address

* 1906-07 Spencer, Brookfield & Warren, MA Directory

US0013    $20.30

A complete directory of the inhabitants, business and address, maps and  other local information.

* 1910 Kansas City, MO Co-op Members Directory (ca. 1910)

US0014    $27.00

A unique card file containing pictures of the members, their business  and a listing by street address.

* 1908 Oshkosh, WI City Directory

US0015    $33.80

A directory comprised of county and city officers, schools, societies,  churches, street directory, by numbers and names, a classified business  directory.

* 1874 Providence, RI Directory & map

US0016    $27.00

A directory & map containing a general directory of the city, a record  of the city government, its institutions, etc., together with a  complete business directory and register of the entire state.

* 1916 Williams County, OH Directory

US0017    $20.30

A directory (The Farm Journal Illustrated) with a complete road map of  the county.

* 1907 Rockland, Hanover & Norwell, MA Directory

US0018    $20.30

A directory containing a complete resident, street and business  directory, town officers, schools, societies, churches, post-offices,  state census of 1905, etc.

* 1922 California Blue Book & Client Directory

US0019    $27.00

The California Blue Book & Client Directory containing the names and  addresses, with private telephone numbers for the leading families in  the following cities and suburban towns: San Francisco, San Mateo, Burlingame, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San  Jose, Woodside, Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Claremont, Alameda, Belvedere, Ross, Sausalito, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Mill Valley,  Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Diego.

* 1915 Lowell, MA Directory

US0020    $33.80

A directory with a general directory of the citizens, street directory,  business directory and a record of the city government, institutions,  etc.

* 1916 Erie County, PA Rural Director

US0021    $27.00

A directory containing an alphabetically arranged list of business  firms and private citizens of Albion, Corry, Edinboro, Girard, North  Girard, North East and Union City and a complete list of Rural Routes  in Erie County from the official records, arranged alphabetically with  name of resident, post office address, township and the assessed  valuation of property.

* 1917 Cayuga County, NY Rural Directory

US0022    $20.30

A directory (The Farm Journal Illustrated) with a complete road map of  the county.

* 1922 Manchester, NH.Directory & Map

US0023    $33.80

A directory containing a directory & map of the citizens, house  directory, business directory, street directory and city record with  map.

* 1920 Meriden, CT Directory

US0024    $27.00

A directory containing a general directory of the citizens, street  guide, business directory, street directory, map, officerso the city  government, churches, societies, etc.

* 1883 Daughters of America; or, Women of the Century

US0025    $20.30

America has been richly blessed in its women. This book provides  information concerning women in America who played prominent roles in  our early history.

* 1874 Lowell, MA Directory

US0026    $27.00

A directory containing an alphabetical list of residents, business  directory, and city government, societies, churches, schools, etc.

* 1923 Lockport, NY City Directory

US0027    $27.00

A directory including a business, church and miscellaneous directory  and an improved street and house directory

* 1914 Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins & Seneca NY Counties Farm Directory

US0028    $20.30

A rural directory and reference book including a road map of the  counties covered.

* 1902 Hartford & New Haven CT Business Directory

US0029    $20.30

A business and Professional directory of Hartford and New Haven, with  entries for New Britain, Meriden, Bristol, Wallingford, Southington,  Plantsville, Plainville, E. Hartford, Middletown, Torrington, Winstead,  Windsor, Windsor Locks, Manchester, Rockville, Portland and E. Hampton.

* 1914 Meriden CT Directory

US0030    $27.00

A general directory of the citizens, street guide, business directory,  street directory, map, officers of the city government, churches,  societies, etc.

5b   Census of Great Britain New Releases:

    (See our web site for details of what areas are covered by each title.)


C1841GLS    $110.70    

FULL COUNTY SET    HO107/346-380


* the GLOUCESTERSHIRE 1841 CENSUS is also available as 19 individual CDs at $16.10 each.  See our web site for the details of the areas  covered by each of the 19 parts.

* Devon 1861 Census Supplement 1 - Places in Cornwall RDs

C1861DEV-S1        $21.90

* Sussex 1861 Census Registration Districts    

C1861SSX    $72.30    

RG 9/557-630


* 1861 Census - RG9/3274-3304 Halifax Registration District (Yorks.  West Riding)

C1861WRY-06        $21.90

* 1871 London Kent - Greenwich    

C1871LONK-01    $21.90


* 1871 London Kent - Lewisham    

C1871LONK-02    $21.90    


* 1871 London Kent - Woolwich    

C1871LONK-03    $21.90    


* Middlesex 1871 Census Registration Districts    

C1871MDX    $72.30    

RG10 /1303-1348  Note: excludes central London parts of Middlesex.  For those, see 1871 London set.

5c  British New Releases:

* District Handbook  Ratepayers' Guide and Almanack

GB0601    $21.90

For Bowes Park, Palmers Green, Southgate, Winchmore Hill, New Southgate  in 1911This little book is bursting full of information. It contains  essays on the problems of unemployment; the charitable work carried out  for the poor and destitute, children, animals, insane and more, which  provide an insight into views at the time. Includes a fold out map of  the long gone tramway system.

* Cassell's Illustrated History of India    

GB1108    $35.30

Two large volumes, over 1100 pages with many beautiful and intricate  illustrations this book describes the history of India from the  formation of the East India Company to around 1880 after Queen Victoria  had been crowned Empress of India.A truly fabulous book, which is a must for those researching ancestors' lives in British India.

* Yorkshire Oddities    

GB1208    $35.30

A large book containing odd and out-of-the-way information concerning Yorkshire folk. Each of the 22 chapters is devoted to a different story  and set of characters.

* Highways & Byways in Yorkshire

GB1209    $27.80

This book will always be popular with those having ancestors from the area.  It gives a tour around all of the towns and villages explaining their history, antiquities, churches and people.   Fascinating reading and great background information for your family history.

* The Parish of Kirkby Malhamdale in the West Riding of Yorkshire

GB1210    $35.30

Using all resources available to him, Rolls of many kinds, Fines, Inquests, Wills, Title Deeds, Parish Registers, Public Records and  other written material, John Morkill has compiled an accurate chronicle of this dale.  He traces the parish's history as far back as the Pre Norman period and tries to inject, as much as possible, the social and human aspects of Kirkby Malhamdale

* The Striding Dales

GB1211    $35.30

By Halliwell Sutcliffe with 12 plates in colour and 74 line illustrations.  The book contains the stories of the Dales, not  steeped in dates and facts but with human encounters and feeling that give a real sense of the history of the people who lived there.  A  charming read.

* The History of Scarborough

GB1212    $35.30

Did your ancestors live in Scarborough? Do you live in Scarborough?  If the answer is "yes" this book is for you. The history of  Scarborough from the earliest date, written by Joeseph Baker, was  published in 1882 with many illustrations and maps.A very worthwhile read for those with Scarborough interests

* Kelly's Directory of Oxfordshire 1939

GB1220    $27.80

Huge "pull out" (not from the CD of course!) map of Oxfordshire.   These late directories are comprehensive and thoroughly indexed.  Contains detailed descriptions of each place in the county and lists the private residents and trades people.

* The Coins of England

GB1242    $16.10

This is an absolutely beautiful book, which is full of richly coloured  illustrations.  English coins are intimately connected with the  general history and progress of the country, of which they form  interesting and informative monuments. The coins of Saxons, the Commonwealth, Cromwell and every Monarch are all thoroughly investigated.

* Traditions of Lancashire 1882    

GB1248    $21.90

Containing engravings to illustrate. This book uses poems, short stories and brief histories to tell tales of Lancashire, often using snatches of speech in local dialect.  A witty little book that will amuse those currently living in Lancashire or those with Lancashire  ancestors.

* The Cathedral Church of Southwell

GB1257    $21.90    

With thirty eight illustrations.The aim of the writer was to compile a work that provided archaeological, historical, accurate information in a language not too technical for the reader.


The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa's 2004 Fall  Conference invites you to:

       Celebrate Your Anglo-Celtic Roots!

The Society's 2004 10th Anniversary Fall Conference -  “Celebrate Your  Anglo-Celtic Roots!” - will be held at Library & Archives Canada, 395  Wellington St., Ottawa, September 17, 18 & 19.

 This will be a family history event not to be missed. Mark it on your  schedule now!

Visit the BIFHSGO web site at < > for  full details.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ -


The B.C.Genealogical Society proudly presents:

Ken Aitken, Family History Lecturer, Instructor & Researcher

Saturday, September 25, 2004  all day seminar 9:00-4:00 pm.

4 - 60 minute lectures

Edmonds Centre for the Retired, 7282 Edmonds St., Burnaby. B.C. (corner  of Edmonds & Kingsway).  Door opens 8:30 am.

Tickets $20 for BCGS & Affiliate Members; $25 for non-members


Ken Aitken will also be giving a Friday night session---September 24,  2004

6:30-9:00 pm,  BCGS Resource Boardroom, Unit 211, 1237-76 Avenue,  Surrey, B.C.

Door opens 6:00 pm.

Very limited seating for the Friday night session, please reserve early.

See BCGS web site < > for details.


From: "Muriel M. Davidson" < >

To all readers who have wonderful homepages:-

Homepages are great -- and often could use more exposure, more people  searching for family members and other interests.

There is one way this could be done and would greatly benefit the  Canada Census committee, whose work has been attempting to gain release  of the Canadian 1911 census records.

We are inviting you, as one with a webpage, to add a link to either or  both of the following:-

[Site in posted in both English and French]

Let us know and a reciprocal link to YOUR site will be placed on the  census pages - we only need the address of your site.

Muriel M. Davidson

Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee



We will be supporting the BIFHSGO 2004 Annual Fall Conference (see  under item 6 above) as well as providing some door prizes and making a very special voucher offer to attendees.

We will be offering some of our over 1500 strong catalogue of books on CD for sale at the meeting, including all our Canadian titles and a  good selection of British subjects.  The sale of our CDs at this  meeting is a cooperative venture with BIFHSGO and and they will receive  a part of the proceeds from all sales.  By buying your Archive CD Books at the BIFHSGO meeting you will helping to support the society.   If  the Archive CD Books title you want isn't on the table you will also be able to fill in an order form to have it delivered to you, and BIFHSGO  will still receive their portion of the sale.

Mark the 17, 18 & 19 September in your calendars!


It gives us great pleasure to report that we have just concluded a  collaboration that is truly outstanding.

Here in San Antonio there is a gentleman, Col. Ernesto A. Montemayor  (ret.), who holds what is probably the foremost private library and  collection of genealogical and historical books covering the Southwest  United States and Hispanic America.   Col. Montemayor, who has been  conducting his research and collecting books worldwide for more than 40  years, enjoys international recognition in the field of Hispanic  genealogy.

Col. Montemayor and his partner, Mr. George Farrias also have a  bookstore in northwest San Antonio known as Borderlands Bookstore.   Prior to our collaboration they had begun to publish soft cover books  for their clientele, much as we produce CD Books.  They published these  books under the auspices of Borderlands Press.  They quickly recognized  the value we represent with our capability to produce fully searchable  faithful reproductions of their rare works.  Effective 2  August, our agreement was concluded and our first joint effort is the rare two volume set "The Twentieth Century History of Southwest Texas"  (US0219 and US0220).  Look for many more interesting books from this  great collaboration.


“WOW - that was quick CD's arrived at noon today!  Guess I'll have to  careful about calling our local mail - snail mail!  Thanks  Jim"


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