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This is the third newsletter from Archive CD Books Canada.  This  newsletter will be published whenever we have enough information to  make it worth your while reading but we expect that will mean there  will be about one a month.

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    The last newsletter seemed to go on for ever so this is an attempt to  keep it a little more focused.  All the same “departments” are here but  the new releases have been moved to the front (we like to think you are  eager to hear all about our new books :-))

    There’s a long list of new British Census releases.


(To find a book on our web site take a  note of the catalogue number - or use the “copy” function - go to the  web site, click on the “Search Page” link and enter, or “paste,” the  number into the “Product Number” box.  Hit “Search” and then “More” and  you will be in a position to reread the description or to place your  order.  There is frequently more information about the books available  on the web site.)

Only two new Canadian books this month but what they lack in quantity  they more than make up for in quality.

* Gazetteer and Business Directory, Canada 1930

Product No. CA0035 : $45.00

A wonderful book with a truly misleading original title. Of the almost  2000 pages in this book the gazetteer takes up 70 while the rest are  devoted to a wonderfully complete directory of Canadian businesses and  professional people and their advertising. This is a great resource in  a Country where early directories are so scarce.

Both the gazetteer and the Business Directory are indexed by Province  but the Business Directory is also sub-indexed by trade or profession.  So, if you are looking for someone who was a Grocer in Moose Jaw,  Saskatchewan you can go straight to the alphabetized list of 71  candidates, most of who were trading under their own name rather than  under a company name. In fact the vast majority of the businesses  listed were named for the owner including, of course, the professional  listings for Physicians, Veterinarians, Barristers, Insurance Agents,  etc.

* The Reverend Richard Bradford (Family History)

Product No. CA0070 :  $13.00 SPECIAL PRICE - TIME LIMITED OFFER (Regular price $19.00)

Here is a great family history for anyone related to the Bradford family. The book is written as a record of the Rev. Richard Bradford (1752 - 1817) it also provides a very complete family tree descending through 3 generations. There is a wealth of information about Richard's life and times.

Probably his main claim to fame was his appointment as the first resident Protestant clergyman in the Ottawa Valley and much of the book is devoted to the time he spent in this office. After entering N. America with a stay in the Catskill's in New York State, he took up his position in Lower Canada which involved a great deal of traveling. Most of his ministry took place in and around Chatham (in the County of York) on the Ottawa River, to the West of Montreal. There is, however, a record of a period during which he ministered to the soldiers and residents of William Henry (Sorel), on the St. Lawrence between Quebec City and Montreal. There is a lot of history of the Rev. Richard's works in the area so that many of the births, marriages and deaths at which he officiated are also recorded.  There is an example from the book and an index of all the names in the book, taken from  his church's registered, listed in the "More Information" window for  this book in the catalogue on our web site.


    Yes, they are still on their way!

* Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton, Ontario,  1906


A wealth of information for researchers.

* Stodard's Lectures, 1911 – Supplementary Volume 2


Not anywhere near as ‘stodgy’ as it sounds!  This is a great set of 15  volumes of Victorian travelogues, profusely illustrated and well  written.  An invaluable source of background on all the countries  explored by John Stodard.  This one contains “lectures’ about Canada (2  lectures), Gibralta and Malta.  We will offer each volume separately  for now and release regional sets as we work our way through the  series.


5a   Census of Great Britain New Releases:

* 1871 Census London St. Pancras (part 1)

C1871LON12:  $25.10

RG10 /199-229

* 1871 Census London St. Pancras (part 2)

C1871LON13:  $21.90

RG10 /230-250

* 1871 Census London Islington

C1871LON14:  $31.60

RG10/251-308  -  5 CD set

* 1871 Census London Hackney

C1871LON15:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London St.Giles

C1871LON16:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Strand

C1871LON17:  $18.70


* 1871 Census London Holborn part 1

C1871LON18:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Holborn part 2 (Clerkenwell)

C1871LON19:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Holborn part 3

C1871LON20:  $25.10


* 1871 Census London City

C1871LON21:  $25.10


* 1871 Census London Shoreditch part 1

C1871LON22:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Shoreditch part 2

C1871LON23:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Bethnal Green

C1871LON24:  $25.10


* 1871 Census London Whitechapel

C1871LON25:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London St. George in the East

C1871LON26:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Stepney

C1871LON27:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Mile End Old Town

C1871LON28:  $25.10


* 1871 Census London Poplar part 1 (Bromley. Bow)

C1871LON29:  $21.90


* 1871 Census London Poplar part 2 (Poplar & Shipping)

C1871LON30:  $25.10


* Dorset 1871 Census Registration Districts

C1871DOR:  $72.90


7b  British New Releases:

* The Registers Of Ulverston Parish Church; 1545-1812

GB1156    $27.80

A transcript of the parish baptism, marriage and burial registers.   Fully indexed. A huge book of over 800 pages.  Transcribed and edited  by C.W. Bardsley & L.R. Eyre, and published in 1886

* Civil and Ecclesiastical History of Exeter, 1841

GB1197    $27.80

A different viewpoint of the city's history from Roman times to the  1800's. This focuses more on the religious and civil progress.  Excellent descriptions of the churches and important buildings.  Interestingly it describes places in and around the city, so you can  experience the streets your ancestors would've walked for yourselves.

* White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Norfolk, 1864

GB1213    $16.30

Contains a general survey of each place in the county including it's  historical, statistical and topographical descriptions. Thoroughly  indexed so easy to use.  This directory, like other White's directories  is incredibly comprehensive. Most important of all for family  historians this book has hundreds of pages listing people in the county  along with their address and profession.

* Three Oxfordshire Parishes; A History of Kidlington, Yarnton and  Begbroke.

GB1214    $27.80

Written in 1893 and printed for the Oxford Historical Society, this  book gives the general history of these places with thought to their  connection to National events. It also gives the pedigrees of important  families, histories of the churches, colleges and manors of each area.  For each there are also pages of extracts from the Hundred Rolls. If  your ancestors lived in these parishes this book has lots of  information that will tell you what life was like for them.

* Rugby School Register (1675 - 1857)

GB1226    $27.80

This register for Rugby School is very detailed, containing the age of  the boys, names of parents, dates they entered school and often what  they got up to after they had left. It also tells you their dates of  birth, baptism and death, some entries may contain more details than  others.

Not only are the boys registered in the book but also the trustees and  Headmasters of the school. It also contains a useful 29-page index

* Gore's Liverpool Directory 182

GB1229    $21.90

Another very early directory listing the merchants, trades people and  principal inhabitants of the town in 1821. As the 1796 directory above,  this has a great deal of information to put the meat on the bones of  your family history research.

* Slaters 1846 Directory of Lancashire

GB1230    $27.80

This very large early directory contains an alphabetical list of all  trades people, their names, trades and addresses. Also has a  description of each town and village in the county.

* Pigots 1834 Directory of Cheshire

GB1231    $21.90

See below for description

* Pigot's 1834 Directory of Cumberland & Westmoreland

GB1232    $21.90

See below for description

* Pigots 1834 Directory of Lancashire

GB1234    $21.90

See below for description

* Pigot's 1834 Directory of Yorkshire

GB1236    $21.90

See below for description

These are early directories containing descriptions of the larger towns  and villages in the county. They contains the names and trades of  residents, listing everyone from Bricklayers to Bankers. Set out in  alphabetical order and fully searchable this is an easy way to find  ancestors and to discover more about their lives.

* Pigot's 1818, 1819 and 1820

GB1238    $27.80

This commercial directory for 1819-20 contains the names, trades and  situations of the merchants, manufacturers and tradesmen in the the  industrial midlands of England.

It also has a list of London, Country and Irish bankers, a table of  coins from 28 countries with their relative value in British money in  1818 and an embellished map of England and Wales.

* The Old Engravers of England 48 illustrations.

GB1240    $16.10

Malcolm C Salaman traces the art of copper plate engraving through the  most interesting period of its history, from its introduction in the  middle of the sixteenth century to its climax at the end of the  eighteenth.

* Circuit Journeys, By the late Lord Cockburn

GB1243    $16.10

Places well indexed and fully searchable.

Lord Cockburn, a Criminal Judge, as part of his work, rode around  Scotland in "circuits", he began to note down cases of particular  interest in diary form and this forms the basis of the CD. As well as  details of the cases it gives you a good insight into the habits and  thoughts of Judges in the early 1800s.

* The Annals of Yorkshire from the Earliest Period to the Present Time,  Published 1874 - Compiled by John Mayhall

GB1250    $18.70


A most fascinating every day history of the people of Yorkshire with  accounts of the events relating to the "ordinary" people of the county.

These three large volumes are fully indexed, with names, events and  places. In addition, the CD is fully searchable for any word or phrase  within the text.


From: "Peter Sim" < >

Anyone who's not a subscriber to the SAG (Society of Australian  Genealogists) excellent free electronic newsletter may be interested in  the following item from the June edition.

Archive CD Books Australia :  SAG's collections contain good copies of  books that are now hard to find or in poor condition. Recently we have  been happy to work with Archive CD Books Australia to provide facsimile  copies of a number of our volumes on CD-ROM.


From: Alan Phillips  Archive CD Books Australia

To add to Peter Sim's notice of The Society of Australian Genealogists  (SAG) and Archive CD Books Australia (ACDBA).

SAG was the first of a number of leading Australian genealogy societies  to actively join with ACDBA as lenders of books to scan. Some are also  resellers - at least CDs of the books they lend to the project.

We have recently done or currently have on hand books from

- Society of Australian Genealogists

- Genealogy Society of Victoria

- South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society

- Library of Australian History

- State Library of Tasmania

All other state societies in Australia have expressed interest in the  ACDB project, as have two other state libraries, three of the oldest  historical societies as well as other regional societies, libraries and  private lenders.

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From: Muriel M. Davidson, ,

Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee, Brampton, Ontario  L6W  2R8


Residents of Canada, assisted by many living beyond the boundaries of  Canada, are hoping for the release of the Canadian 1911 Census Records.   These records contain names and information of many ancestors, plus  names of those who served for Canada in World War One. The goal is to  have the records transferred to Library and Archives Canada  away from  the control of the present Chief Statistician.

An ad-hoc committee, all volunteers, formed the Canada Census committee  in March 1999. Since that date, several census bills have been  presented, but to date, finalization of their work is not yet complete.

Canadians and people from all parts of the world are signing petitions - (in English and  French.)complete with addresses.

Also, the questions we propose to the elected politicians are to be  seen at -- House of Commons –  and -- Senate.

The two scoreboards show which politicians are in favour of release.

In addition to  there is a great  deal of information at a "coast-to-coast-to-coast" site It is our  goal to be able to add 1911 to / along with the 1901 (all of Canada) and  1906, released Jan. 24, 2003 of three provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan  and Manitoba.

The committee invites many to sign petitions to assist us in reaching  our goal on behalf of all researchers and family members.

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From:  Lindsay Teesdale,  Public Relations Unit,


Applications for certificates from the General Register Office have  reached record levels in recent  months  and  we  are  processing over   30,000 certificates every week.

Currently  many  customers send their requests for certificates in the  form of  a letter.  Transcribing all the information onto an  application form is very  time  consuming  and  we would therefore  prefer customers to complete their  own  application forms.  This would  not only be advantageous to this office  but  would  be  more   beneficial to the customer as often important information,  which  is   essential for a successful application, is omitted from their  correspondence.

The General  Register Office  is committed to improving our service to  customers and would therefore request your assistance in forwarding  this email to all Family History Societies, to make their members aware  of the benefits of completing an application form for their  certificates.  It will ensure that their request is processed more  swiftly and because the details pertaining  to  the  entry have been  comprehensively completed on the form, the application is more likely  to be successful.

Your  assistance  in this matter is greatly appreciated and if you have  any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.



New book production has been slow this month..  Both of this month’s  releases have taken a lot of time to scan and process but we think the  results are worth it.

The Gazetteer and Directory is about 2000 pages and all of them are  printed in close packed small print.  This meant we had to take even  greater care with the scanning so the OCR program would have a  fighting chance at “reading” it.  In fact we had to rescan some  sections three times.

We have been working at obtaining permission to publish Grace  McGibbon’s “The Reverend Richard Bradford” (fully titled Glimpses of  the Life and work of the Reverend Richard Bradford as Scholar, School  Principal, Chaplain Priest of the Church of England and S. P. G.  Missionary) for some time.  Unfortunately Grace has passed away and it  took us a while to trace her children.  We thank them for granting us a  license to republish this book which is of such value not only to the  “Bradfords” but to all those who have ancestors who lived along the  Ottawa (or Grand) river and who are mentioned in the extensive extracts  from his church’s records.  See the web site for a full list of family  names mentioned in the book.


In order to add to the service that we already provide to the  genealogical community, Free BMD has made its scanned images of  the GRO  index (previously available only to transcribers) available to  the general public.  Prior to this move, viewing the indexes was only  possible at  libraries or on pay-per-view internet sites.

Whilst FreeBMD doesn't  yet have a complete set of images, the nearly  700,000 images that we do have  represent a good proportion of the  indexes from 1837 to 1910, and we hope  that people will find the  facility useful.  The initial interface is  somewhat crude, but further  enhancements to this new area of the site are  planned, and we will  announce them as they happen."


“I just found your website yesterday and I think it's an invaluable  genealogy resource!  It's GREAT!”  -Beth

“I appreciate the opportunity of receiving a free introductory bonus of  my choice of the two books described on your website.”  - Joan

“I for one am glad Archive Books now has a Canadian branch . . . much  more convenient.

<snip> Thanks again, and I shall definitely be placing more orders with  you.”  Jennifer


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