Siete canciones populares españolas


Arranged by Manuel de Falla

No. 6 – Canción

Por traidores tus ojos,

voy a enterrarlos;

no sabes lo que cuesta,

del aire, niña, el mirarlos,

madre a la orilla

niña, el mirarlos, madre


Dicen que no me quieres,

ya me has quertido.

Váyase lo ganado, del aire,

por lo perdido,

madre, a la orilla

por lo perdido, madre.



No. 6 – Canción

As traitors your eyes I wish to bury,

You do not know the pain it has cost me, nina,

To look into them.


They tell me you do not love me,

But once your did

And passionately too.

So let what once was gained depart

At least for the present.

The Complete Conchita Supervia, Vol. 1
Odeon 1927-1928