Meus amores

Music by Xosé Baldomir

Words by Golpe


Dous amores á vida

Gardar me fan:

A patria, y o q’adoro

No meu fogar.

A familia, y á terra

Donde nacin…

Sin eses dous amores

Non sey vivir!


Cando xa no men peito

Non sinta amor;

Cando da miña patria

Non vexa ó sol…

Ven morte, ven axina

Cabo de min;

Que sin amor nin patria

Non sey vivir!


Of loves there are but two in my life,

My country and the home I so much adore

The land---and of a loving family born

What can man wish more?

Without those loves I would not care to live,

Should that day come I lose my love for home

What exchange could I for my country give,

If I choose a life to roam?

Nor more could I enjoy the light of the sun,

Then come death, take me, it’s all there’s left to give

Then I know my course is run,

Without those two loves I care no more to live…

The Complete Conchita Supervia, Vol. 1
Odeon 1927-1928