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As a small business, we need your help to share your experience with our products.  We encourage you to get your thoughts out for everyone to read in order to make the Amazon marketplace more transparent and useful for all.

If you are at all unhappy with your purchase or have follow-up questions, please reply to this email, email us at support at, or call us at 877-518-6503.  Our mission is to ensure you have a positive customer experience!

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Review now

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  1. Wipe aluminum finish with damp cloth periodically to maximize glittery sheen that makes this product so cool in your home
  2. To remove food and water residue use a moist paper towel or cloth with mild soap and warm water.  We do not recommend using spray cleaners as some may contain harsh chemicals. Please read product warning labels
  3. Clean stainless steel bowls with white vinegar and hot water or in the dishwasher.  Scrub with the grain of brushed finish and avoid scrubbing in a circular motion

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