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  1. Positioning: in front of box for max coverage (portrait orientation with ridges left to right to contain litter).
  2. Location: in a closet or in the corner or contained area of the room to guide litter onto mat.
  3. Litter box: vets recommend open box with low entry & high walls.  No liner.
  4. # Litter boxes: one box per cat (+1).  Place on each floor of house & away from food/water.
  5. Multiple cleaning options:
    • Surface design & flexibility allow for easy pouring of clean litter back into box.
    • Silicone material (no pores) water & stain resistant.  Wipe clean with mild soap & water.
    • Sweep clean with large broom or small brush & dustpan.
    • Vacuum with hand held or attachment.

Complete your litter station with our durable, NON-STICK BetterBox!  Or check out our other modern products for your home.

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