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Positioning your mat and box
  • Position litter box towards the back of mat to maximize space available to catch and hold the litter.
  • Contain the litter by directing the cat toward a single exit.  Recommend a closed litter box or positioned in a corner (two walls) or closet (three walls).
  • Flexible enough to fit in tight spaces or lay mat in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • One litter box per cat (+ 1 additional).  Place on each floor of the house and away from food and water.
Multiple cleaning options
  • Pour clean litter back into box daily to limit tracking and save money (hey, it all adds up!).
  • Sweep clean with large broom or small brush and dustpan.
  • Vacuum: Use attachment or hand vacuum as *large vacuum may damage mat’s soft material.
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth or sponge and mild soap to eliminate odors and remove stains.
Accidental urine stain
  • Blot dry with paper towels > Wet with solution 50% water / 50% white vinegar > Dry > Apply baking soda over 2x the area of the stain (let sit for a few hours; the baking soda should start to turn a crusted yellow after absorbing the urine) > vacuum baking soda with attachment (use soft bristle to loosen up if needed).  Repeat if necessary.
  • Discuss with veterinarian if happens regularly as may indicate a medical or behavior issue.
If your cat begins to scratch the mat
  • Pick up your cat and bring over to his or her cat scratcher (provide praise and treats to reinforce desired behavior).
  • If you do not own a cat scratcher, you may consider as a way to save your furniture and carpets.

Check out our Tougher litter mat for cats that scratch + our NON-STICK Litter Box to make your life easier.

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