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  1. 1 box per cat + 1.  For example, 2 cats = 3 boxes
  2. Place boxes in separate & private areas (floors) of the house or apartment and make sure each box is easily accessible.  Do not place near eating space
  3. Open top boxes are better as cats have stronger sense of smell, might feel closed in
  4. Use the 'fill to' line inside, as most cats won't use litter more than 2 inches deep (Humane Society)
  5. Clean litter daily
  6. Change litter weekly
  7. Research has shown that most cats prefer fine-grained litters, presumably because they have a softer feel (Humane Society)
  8. If your cat routinely goes outside the box despite these best practices, please call your vet to rule out a medical issue
  9. Don't forget an effective litter mat & scoop

Check out our stylish, neutral litter mats to help reduce litter scatter in your home.

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