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  1. To train your feline loved one(s), sprinkle a modest amount of catnip onto the curved sides of scratcher.  Cats love the texture of cardboard and will naturally know what to do from here.
  2. If your cat takes some convincing to warm up to the scratcher, we have a few tips for you:
    • Place toys in the opening of the scratcher to create comfort through play
    • May try to lure them with treats, but at their leisure (do not force)
    • Place scratcher near a window or in a room that they feel comfortable in or in a sun spot
    • Show them how to scratch so they better understand how to use 
  3. To keep stationary:
    • Place on carpet or on top of a floor mat
    • On non carpeted floors, place 4 silicone floor grippers on the underside, one on each corner about a quarter inch from the edge
    • Or position scratching surface against a wall
  4. To maintain your scratcher, we recommend using a comb to pull up and catch loose shreds of cardboard.  After extensive use, simply flip over to a fresh side and it looks/fee brand new.

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