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  1. Place feeder in a safe location with natural shelter such as trees or shrubs.
  2. Place away from window ledge & other jumping off points that cannot be used by squirrels or cats.
  3. Allow time for birds to discover the feeder.
    • If still no visitors after several days, try sprinkling seeds on the ground nearby to make the feeder more obvious or leaving a trail from a nearby place where birds congregate.
  4. Do not overfill seed tray.  Designed to be interactive and will minimize seed wastage from inclement weather.
    • Replace soggy or stale seed.  Refill as needed:  (i) Remove the feeder from its base or (ii) fill the tray while still in place.
    • Avoid placing seed outdoors in a location that can be accessed by squirrels (** we learned this the hard way **).
  5. Clean and dry window thoroughly for most effective suction.
  6. To clean, simply remove the seed tray from its base.  Less often, remove entire feeder via the suction cups.
    • Clean in sink with mild soap and a soft cloth using warm water.  Pat or air dray before refill.
    • Do not recommend washing in dishwasher!

If you have cat, our modern tree provides endless hours of viewing pleasure.

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