Endorsements of Art for Mission’s Sake: Announcing the Gospel Through the Creative Arts by Keir Shreeves


Finally I have found in Keir’s booklet such a specific and well thought through analysis of what creativity and worship actually is.’

Natasha Kissell, Painter, Brighton


‘Helpful and sharp analysis. A great blend of theological and practical insights.’

Tim Hughes, Lead Pastor, St Luke’s Gas Street, Birmingham


‘Keir has thought deeply about the relationship between beauty, the arts and evangelism in the local church.  In this booklet, he has distilled some of this thinking, theologically and practically, to produce an easy-to-understand introduction which is accessible and useful for anyone in the local church.’

Archie Coates, Vicar, St Peter’s Brighton


‘We are witnessing what in retrospect may look like a revolution in the use of visual imagery, as images become a new lingua franca. Visual language can potentially transcend spoken language, culture and experience, and address a much broader audience with far more varied backgrounds. The Christian theologian must ask how this new lingua franca can be ‘spoken’ with maximum nuance and integrity, and Keir Shreeves's thoughtful and practical booklet will be a great asset to this mission.’

Ben Quash, Professor of Christianity & the Arts, King’s College London