How to Destroy Dictatorships & Fry Your Commissar
by New Ordnance

Had enough?

Learn how to take back your town, your country, your state, your nation with tried and true strategies, tactics and techniques that have proven successful in toppling tyrants in all parts of the globe.

Discover the
198 Methods of Non-Violent Action that worked in Burma, Thailand, and the countries of the former Soviet Union as they collapsed like dominoes. Read the playbook they are running in the Ukraine today.

Use your native ingenuity to adapt the methodology to your unique circumstances. Download From Dictatorship to Democracy now.

The author's writings on Civilian-Based Defense were used by the Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian governments during their separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. The Lithuanian Defense minister declared at the time, "I would rather have this book than the nuclear bomb."

One caveat. Be careful what you replace your dictator with. Nature abhors a vacuum. Democracies are short-lived mob-ocracies. The Founders were horrified by democracies. That's why they founded a republic. I would re-title the book From Dictatorship to Republic.


Hat tip to for bringing the work of Gene Sharp to my attention.

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