Holiday Shipping and Returns
Will orders ship by Xmas?
Heck, yeah! Domestic U.S. orders for Black Flag Friday shirts will ship via DHL/USPS Smartmail starting the week of December 7 and through December 17 and should arrive before Xmas*. Smaller orders typically ship sooner in the shipping window 'cause, well, there is less stuff to print for ya. Orders for multiple designs will wait until all designs are printed (read about Our Process). Orders without tees (including in stock gift bundles, ties, socks, stickers and other accessories) will ship out starting Nov 30. Gift bundles, accessories and stickers ordered with shirts will ship together with the shirts.

How do I get free shipping?
Any single order with a combination of 3 or more apparel, gift bundle and/or accessory apparel items** gets free domestic U.S. shipping, she-poww! An "item" is a line item in your shopping cart. That means even if the item contains two socks and a tie in the bundle, it's counted as one item. Check our Shipping Info page for more details on shipping rates.

What about international orders?
International orders will ship out in the same time frame as domestic U.S. orders. Once shipped, international orders may take up to 2-4 weeks in transit depending on your country's local postal processes and customs. We don't collect any international taxes so you may be responsible for any applicable duties in your locale. Suggestion: make friends with your local tax collector.

* Not an absolute guarantee and final delivery depends on the USPS, but we're doing our very best!
** All tees, long sleeves, hoodies, ties, socks packs, bags, accessory apparel and bundles count as one item. If you can wear it and it's a line item in your cart, it's one item.